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Relax with funny videos on Youtube

The funny videos are one of the most popular for a reason: they are there to entertain and to give respite to the many that cannot get out of work or find anything funny going in their stress and career oriented lives. The videos relax, they make people smile and as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Amit Bhadana channel broadcasts programs that are mainly entertaining like funny movies, funny comedies, various funny family dramas.

He is the latest Indian internet sensation. He made his first impact on Facebook. Starting with couple of short vines and sharing them on Facebook he gained quite a few followers. After his initial success on Facebook he tries his luck with Youtube. That was probably the best decision he made. His vines become a huge hit. He broke all the records in India when it comes to getting new followers and subscribers. You can read the full story of this famous youtuber from here.

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