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Printed Circuit Board or PCB, The Core of Electronic Components

PCBs or Printed Circuit Board is the key component of electronic equipment and interconnections. They reduce the errors of routing and errors. PC increases the efficiency of fabrication and degree of automation.

PCB manufacturers in China offer world-class products due to the development and research of decades. They have contributed to the progress and improvement of modern life.

Classification of PCB

PC or Printed Circuit Boards can be classified into several categories based on the classification standards defined by experts. Each category has specific traits and qualities.

• Classification based on layer: Single-layer PCB, Double-layer PCB and Multi-layer PCB

• Classification based on substrate material: Flexible PCB, rigid PCB, flex-rigid PCB

• Classification based on application fields: Low-frequency PCB, High-frequency PCB

• Special types of PCB: Metal core PCB, High-Tg PCB, Carbon-film PCB

When you buy PB from PC manufacturers in China, it is critically important to choose the right type of PB.

Aluminum-backed PCB

It is a good solution when you need thermal heat dissipation. It has a thick aluminum back and a thin layer of circuits. Thus, it is highly conductive and cool even if there are heavy electrical loads. These PCBs are found in switching power supplies and high-power LED products.

Tight mechanical tolerance and low levels of thermal expansion make them perfect for a variety of applications.

Printed Circuit Board or PCB, The Core of Electronic Components

High-Frequency PCBs

In the modern era, several applications need circuits that need high speed of transmission and fast signal flow rate. In these situations, High-Frequency PC are greatly effective. These PCBs bring high levels of assembly density and high-speed signal transmission.

Flex-rigid PCB

When the design requires a complex PC, but the designers don’t want to make the circuit complicated, Flex-Rigid PoCBs are the best. It allows three-dimensional designs, and it can include several sections of rigid and flexible designs.

Multi-layer PCBs

Since there are multiple layers of circuits between the top and bottom layers of circuits, density and complexity of the design get manifold. Today, PCBA manufacturing companies in China offer PCBs of high complexities (e.g. thirty-layer complexities).

These extra layers contain a power layer that supplies the circuit with power and reduces the electromagnetic interference.