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Equipment Manufacturer Suppliers

An original equipment manufacturer or OEM is a company that manufactures goods or gadgets, which are utilized in products sold by another company. These companies are usually termed as a Value Added Resellers or VARs. An OEM service usually builds the order, on the basis of the designs provided by the VAR. There are various categories of equipment manufacturing suppliers, such as electrical and electronic test equipment, equipment rental and leasing services, separation equipment and filtration equipment, sprayers and spray coating equipment. The equipment also includes automated test equipment, powder compacting equipment, network test equipment, battery testers and fuel cell test equipment, powder coating equipment and de burring equipment.

There are laboratory air handling equipment, groundwater monitoring equipment, industrial fluid filtration equipment, mass finishing equipment and tumblers, web handling, cleaning and processing equipment. Equipment rental and leasing services deal with a wide variety of equipment, machines and appliances, which their customers can use for a fee, for a decided duration. Separation equipment and filtration equipment for liquid and solid materials are applied to filter, condense or clarify a mixture of diverse elements. Sprayers and spray coating equipment are used to apply or dispense outside layers, paints, fluids, cleaners, chemicals, powders and other industrial materials.

Powder compacting equipment is used to form powders, as part of a foaming process and to condense a variety of materials into compact shapes, for easy transportation and use. Battery and fuel cell test equipment consists of special test stations, stands or structures, monitors and component modules for performance or endurance testing. Powder coating equipment is employed to spray resin powder onto the surface of a pre-heated piece, where the powder combines and cures, producing a protective coating. All information regarding the companies, engineering standards and patents for equipment manufacturer suppliers can be found on Internet.